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Trade (trading company activity)

As part of promoting internationalization and strengthening the commercial department, SENKO launched the Ministry of Trade in April 2008 and is engaged in import and export transactions of goods.
In addition, by integrating trading company functions and integrated logistics functions, we can provide added value to your products.

  • Import and export of electronic materials, chemicals and synthetic resins
    We mainly export resins and compounds for parts such as liquid crystal panel members and display products, mainly in China, Korea and Taiwan markets. We also import various chemical products, films and packaging materials from China, Korea, Taiwan, and even Europe.
    By making full use of the feature "logistics company's trade department", we carry out our own complex integrated logistics both for import and export, thereby offering cost reductions and other merits to business partners.
  • Integration of commercial flow and logistics services
    By engaging in customer's existing transactions in the trading business including settlement of commodity fee payment, we will collectively undertake assortment of multiple products, inventory keeping, sorting by destination, inspecting, and integrated transportation, collecting logistics efficiency We propose to reduce and cost down.


Trade Department

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